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Free software for replacing Skype by DebConf 10

Free software for replacing Skype

DebConf 10   |   860937 views   |   2020-03-14

by David Alexander Sugar At: DebConf10 GNU SIP Witch and peer-to-peer secure telephony The GNU Telephony secure calling project, built around GNU SIP Witch...

Security Support in Debian by DebConf 7

Security Support in Debian

DebConf 7   |   486347 views   |   2020-03-13

by Micah Anderson by Moritz Mühlenhoff At: DebConf7 The Good, the Bad and the Ugly The talk will provide a review of security support in Debian and propose im...

Peace, Love and Rockets by DebConf 8

Peace, Love and Rockets

DebConf 8   |   417614 views   |   2020-03-13

by Bdale Garbee At: DebConf8 Open Avionics for High-Power Model Rockets This is just a fun talk of our beloved former leader who just wants to leave the surf...

Protecting Your Web Privacy with Free Software by DebConf 19

Protecting Your Web Privacy with Free Software

DebConf 19   |   168401 views   |   2020-03-19

by Pedro Barcha At: DebConf19 ###Context Web tracking is a common practice used to monitor the behavior of a particular user on a website. This kind of data i...

Welcome talk by DebConf 14

Welcome talk

DebConf 14   |   81531 views   |   2020-03-16

by Gunnar Wolf At: DebConf14 Welcome to DC14! Meet the organizing team, know the facilities, etc. Room: Plenary Room Scheduled start: 2014-08-23 15:00:00

Inauguración Día Debian by DebConf 12

Inauguración Día Debian

DebConf 12   |   67614 views   |   2020-03-16

by Leandro Gómez by Aura Lila Gutierrez Tejada At: DebConf12 Debian Day welcome talk Room: Aula Magna Scheduled start: 2012-07-07 09:00:00

Jitsi and Jitsi Videobridge by DebConf 13

Jitsi and Jitsi Videobridge

DebConf 13   |   65828 views   |   2020-03-16

by Emil Ivov At: DebConf13 Replacing Skype and Hangouts with FLOSS During the past ten years Jitsi has travelled a long way from a proof of concept call a...

Hacking Work by mini-DebConf Germany

Hacking Work

mini-DebConf Germany   |   58030 views   |   2020-03-19

by Rudolph Bott At: MiniDebConf Hamburg 2019 Room: main Scheduled start: 2019-06-09 16:00:00

Lightning Talks by DebConf 10

Lightning Talks

DebConf 10   |   40876 views   |   2020-03-14

by Micah Anderson At: DebConf10 Clouds have them, how about you? Lightning Talks are 11 five-minute talks in a 60-minute time-slot! Maybe you've never giv...

Electronic Experimental Music with Debian by DebConf 19

Electronic Experimental Music with Debian

DebConf 19   |   38549 views   |   2020-03-19

by Joenio Marques da Costa At: DebConf19 In this talk will be presented software projects for musical creation, including software synthesizers, DAW, sound desks, ...

FreedomBox Update by DebConf 12

FreedomBox Update

DebConf 12   |   33399 views   |   2020-03-16

by Bdale Garbee At: DebConf12 An update on activities at the FreedomBox Foundation, including our Debian-based reference implementation. Room: Aula Magna S...

Building a personal home automation setup by DebConf 19

Building a personal home automation setup

DebConf 19   |   27421 views   |   2020-03-19

by Jonathan McDowell At: DebConf19 This session will describe how the speaker went about building a personal home automation setup that tried to avoid the privacy ...

Vous la voyez ? by xrfrance

Vous la voyez ?

xrfrance   |   23658 views   |   2020-04-29

Vous la voyez l'absurdité de notre monde ? Vous imaginez une autre société ? Vous aussi passez à l'action, rejoignez-nous ! Trouvez votre groupe local près de chez vous ici :

Why DoudouLinux matters by DebConf 13

Why DoudouLinux matters

DebConf 13   |   22954 views   |   2020-03-16

by Jean-Michel Philippe At: DebConf13 Getting children used to Debian from 2 years old Nowadays, we live in a world invaded by technology. Technology can ...

Hardening Debian 10 (Buster) by mini-DebConf France

Hardening Debian 10 (Buster)

mini-DebConf France   |   21707 views   |   2020-03-19

by Frédéric Lenquette At: Mini-DebConf Marseille 2019 La sécurité sous Linux a toujours été un point fort du système d'exploitation par rapport aux autres OS propriétaires. Quels sont les mécanismes mis en pla...

Glass Half by Default root channel

Glass Half

Default root channel   |   16994 views   |   2017-10-19

Two amateur art critics meet in a gallery and argue passionately about the pieces they see, causing chaos for everyone else, until finally they find a piece on which they can agree... CC-BY Blender Institute

Old PeerTube demonstration by Default root channel

Old PeerTube demonstration

Default root channel   |   14684 views   |   2017-10-18

PeerTube demonstration (shows decentralization, communication between pods and P2P).

Debian-LAN by DebConf 13


DebConf 13   |   13090 views   |   2020-03-16

by Andreas B. Mundt At: DebConf13 Deploy Debian in your Network the Easy and Flexible Way The talk presents the status, concepts and techniques of the Debi...

Python BoF by DebConf 14

Python BoF

DebConf 14   |   12933 views   |   2020-03-16

by Piotr Ożarowski At: DebConf14 any Python related topics, including moving DPMT/PAPT repo to git and PyPy3 Room: Room 328 Scheduled start: 2014-08-25...

Interview with Venezuelan attendees by DebConf 6

Interview with Venezuelan attendees

DebConf 6   |   11754 views   |   2020-03-12

by Gabriella Coleman At: DebConf 6 Scheduled start: 2006-05-20

¿Qué demonios dicen estas mujeres en la rueda de prensa de la OMS? by Mundo Desconocido

¿Qué demonios dicen estas mujeres en la rueda de prensa de la OMS?

Mundo Desconocido   |   10700 views   |   2020-03-16

Sorprendente ¿pillada? De dos mujeres en la OMS diciendo algo muy “extraño” y riéndose… El Link donde se escucha es el siguiente: revíselo antes de que lo borren o editen... que luego dirán que son Fake News w...