About this website

Peertube Search indexes publicly available PeerTube videos. You can browse and search the videos in our database freely. The website's content is automatically updated periodically, but do note that sometimes it can take up to 24 hours for new videos to be searchable.

We do not own, or claim to own, any of the videos that are indexed on this website. We just index the video metadata that is publicly available on Joinpeertube.org and the public PeerTube instances. We do not host the videos on this website, but rather we embed the video player from specific PeerTube instances.

If you want any of the content on this website to be removed, please contact me at kristian (at) polso.info

This website was developed by Kristian Polso.

What is Peertube?

PeerTube is an open-source, decentralized video platform. It is free to use (watch and upload videos). It uses WebTorrent P2P technology to serve the video content to watchers.

Ignored instances

We will NOT include any videos from these instances: