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Necromancer animation blender 2.80 eevee by Damien Monteillard (lastrodamo)

Necromancer animation blender 2.80 eevee

Damien Monteillard (lastrodamo)   |   233 views   |   2019-10-08

Animation of the necromancer of David Revoy Music by Alexander Nakarada - The_Return modeling, texturing, rigging, ... by

chair film penciltest by yatoim animations

chair film penciltest

yatoim animations   |   6 views   |   2020-05-09

i made a 20-30 second film for school assignment. it's a pencil test and i don't think i will have time to line/color it. regardless i like how it came out. so yeah.

Ковидная театральщина 2009 - 2010 года by Main dis channel

Ковидная театральщина 2009 - 2010 года

Main dis channel   |   47 views   |   2021-08-17

В 2009 афера не получилась, так как не удалось нагнать большое число заболевших. Для исправления этого придумали использовать ПЦР, о котором его автор - Кэри Муллис - говорил, что он может найти всё во всем. Для того, чтобы получилось найти всё во...

tuto-funny -GIMP 2.10 Bases by Loom musique

tuto-funny -GIMP 2.10 Bases

Loom musique   |   10 views   |   2021-11-11

Salut j ai fais ce tutoriel GIMP 2.10 pour toi, il s agit de découvrir les bases de fonctionnement de GIMP à travers un exercice d incrustation et de fusion de 2 images. En espérant que cela puisse t aider ! j ai volontairement integrer des pet...

Test voiture by Chez acryline

Test voiture

Chez acryline   |   11 views   |   2021-06-07

Happy Life - This is an Inspirational video by Hugins Øye

Happy Life - This is an Inspirational video

Hugins Øye   |   14 views   |   2020-05-09

This is an inspirational video that I made to try to better my video editing skills. So let me know what you think in the comment section.

Siqi Song - The Coin by eSquid (PeerTube)

Siqi Song - The Coin

eSquid (PeerTube)   |   2 views   |   2021-02-05

On Chinese New Year, finding the coin hidden in a dumpling (Jiaozi) brings good luck. A girl loses a jar on her journey to a new country, which contains the lucky coins she has been collecting growing up. Her new life begins with a search for the ...

Come right in by The Conspiracy Distillery

Come right in

The Conspiracy Distillery   |   4 views   |   2023-11-01

did it on a boring day.

Teaser Light painting by Artsplasnailloux channel

Teaser Light painting

Artsplasnailloux channel   |   0 views   |   2018-11-05

Teaser Arts plastiques

Bendito Machine IV - Fuel the Machines by Bendito Machine

Bendito Machine IV - Fuel the Machines

Bendito Machine   |   17 views   |   2018-10-12

BMIV - Fuel the Machines An improbable hero embarks on a crude journey by land, sea and air -throughout all the attractions of a planet turned into a massive petrochemical park... and beyond. Directed by Jossie Malis / Produced by Zumbakamera...

Cyber | Art Projekt by Immanuel Kant

Cyber | Art Projekt

Immanuel Kant   |   2 views   |   2022-05-05

You are free to use this video for an non commercial project.

2017 - L.I.F.E by TP. - Art

2017 - L.I.F.E

TP. - Art   |   3 views   |   2021-11-10

2016 ♥ PAIX by TP. - Art

2016 ♥ PAIX

TP. - Art   |   3 views   |   2021-11-10

2013 by TP. - Art


TP. - Art   |   3 views   |   2021-11-10

Baudroie abyssale by Chez acryline

Baudroie abyssale

Chez acryline   |   8 views   |   2021-06-02

Modélisation et animation d'une baudroie abyssale dans Blender.

Art Project "Never Just a Tree" - Community: Video Essay #3 by Shane Finan by Kielderhead Wildwood Project

Art Project "Never Just a Tree" - Community: Video Essay #3 by Shane Finan

Kielderhead Wildwood Project   |   12 views   |   2020-04-20

Supporting information on this essay: Shane Finan, resident artist on the programme ENTWINED. Rural. Land. Lives. Art. is posting video essays about his research on networks with VARC. 'Community' i...