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early sculpt by Sketches

early sculpt

Sketches   |   2 views   |   2022-05-23

I am still roughing in anatomy and getting proportions down. This is a quick animation to help see some of the problems.

Touhou player by Main nekanon channel

Touhou player

Main nekanon channel   |   0 views   |   2022-05-31

textViaPinch by utopiah_channel


utopiah_channel   |   2 views   |   2022-07-15

Typing while focusing on movement rather than word-per-minute.

also nothing by Sketches

also nothing

Sketches   |   1 views   |   2022-07-17

More nothing. Messing around with magnetism and the compositor. So much gross stuff I need to fix, not sure on all the best practices for compositing.

same particles as last time by Sketches

same particles as last time

Sketches   |   1 views   |   2022-07-21

Same as yesterday but with a background that allows you to see the camera movement

particle chase by Sketches

particle chase

Sketches   |   2 views   |   2022-07-20

Continuing to play with different kinds of particles. The camera moves around a lot but you cannot tell. There was supposed to be a bunch of slowly floating particles hanging in space so you could see camera motion but I guess I forgot to click ...

particle sketch by Sketches

particle sketch

Sketches   |   2 views   |   2022-07-19

I can't nearly express how deeply unsatisfying this is to me.

More messing with Godot 4 by Sketches

More messing with Godot 4

Sketches   |   1 views   |   2022-08-18

Added a slightly more interesting environment. I did a procedural generation version but I couldn't get the collision mesh to match up with the displayed mesh so I just made a little park in Blender. It just plopped in and worked right away. Go...

Messing with Godot 4 by Sketches

Messing with Godot 4

Sketches   |   3 views   |   2022-08-17

The only clever thing here is that I figured out how to make particles emit smoothly along the path of travel no matter how fast the rocket is moving, instead of pooting them out in big discrete packets every time the physics updates. This was ac...

Testing out toon shader and new tracker settings by Casual Nue

Testing out toon shader and new tracker settings

Casual Nue   |   1 views   |   2022-08-20

Tried to make a toon shader in blender. Here is the video that I used to make it. Also added some new settings for the tracker.

Tipping point demo? by Sketches

Tipping point demo?

Sketches   |   2 views   |   2022-08-23

Orbital velocity around the asteroid depends on its radius but can be less than the character's sprinting speed. It's a lot of fun to take big suborbital hops around the asteroid. You can't thrust when you're not touching the ground and there is...

Carpocalypse Now by Sketches

Carpocalypse Now

Sketches   |   5 views   |   2022-04-18

A portrait of an ex, terminal_fool, aka random_self, "playing" Carmegeddon II, Carpocalypse Now.

Self portrait (WIP 2022-02-02) by Sketches

Self portrait (WIP 2022-02-02)

Sketches   |   1 views   |   2022-04-17

This is my first ever recognizable likeness. You don't know the model so you'll just have to take my word on this. It has taken one week so far but there’s still a lot more I can do with it. I haven’t even turned off symmetry and put any of the...

A wubbly guy by Sketches

A wubbly guy

Sketches   |   7 views   |   2022-04-17

I took an (unintended) break from Blender to work on some IT debt I need to pay off before summer. I found it kind of hard to get back into the art grind after I lost the habit. I decided to do a sketch without any models or plans or all that bo...

Merry-go-round in Manitoba by Personal videos

Merry-go-round in Manitoba

Personal videos   |   1 views   |   2023-11-23

A playground in a town in Manitoba featuring a merry-go-round

Dawn 2023-10-19 by Personal videos

Dawn 2023-10-19

Personal videos   |   4 views   |   2023-10-19

This morning. 32x timelapse.

Sunrise 2023-09-06 by Personal videos

Sunrise 2023-09-06

Personal videos   |   4 views   |   2023-09-06

Nothing special today. I'll try less exposure next time.

VTuber Tracker for Blender by NueMedia

VTuber Tracker for Blender

NueMedia   |   2 views   |   2023-07-04

Demo video for the VTuber Tracker for Blender add-on. You can get it at BGM:

More dance in VR by Casual Nue

More dance in VR

Casual Nue   |   12 views   |   2022-11-13

Did another song.