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Hausrotschwanz / Black redstart by Tanja

Hausrotschwanz / Black redstart

Tanja   |   2 views   |   2022-05-04

We got a black redstart nest in the backyard. This is great; I can poke the lens out of the back door and fold out the monitor, and they won't ever see me! Wir haben ein Hausrotschwanznest im Hinterhof. Perfekt; ich kann meine Kamera zur Tür ra...

Sand Hill Cranes visit the sand pile. by Forty Acre Paradise

Sand Hill Cranes visit the sand pile.

Forty Acre Paradise   |   0 views   |   2022-05-28

They would visit almost daily. Bathing in the sun on the sand pile and flying over to the pond to hunt for frogs and fish.

Hedgehog & Cats by tlakh123

Hedgehog & Cats

tlakh123   |   2 views   |   2022-08-03

A hedgehog comes for a visit. Our two cats are interested but sceptical.

2022-07-28_Nandu-Küken by Natur


Natur   |   7 views   |   2022-08-01

Ein Nandu-Hahn kümmert sich um seine Küken, die gerade geschlüpft sind. A rhea cock takes care of his newly hatched chicks.

Pulpo se mimetiza by Videos de Buceo

Pulpo se mimetiza

Videos de Buceo   |   11 views   |   2022-09-23

Siguiendo a un pulpo que se mimetiza frente a mis ojos

Morenas al final del buceo by Videos de Buceo

Morenas al final del buceo

Videos de Buceo   |   3 views   |   2022-09-17

Unas morenas que encontré al final del buceo.