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Dog of Wisdom by joe

Dog of Wisdom

joe   |   680 views   |   2019-07-10

Dogs. Cute. What are they good for? Absolutely petting

My Aesthetic by Mosh Bit Cartoons

My Aesthetic

Mosh Bit Cartoons   |   223 views   |   2019-09-29

Kit and Rav talk about A E S T H E T I C Art and Animation by Michael Chandler Voices by Mary Zolp and Michael Chandler Original Music by Austin Blue Produced Via Patreon by Aaron Margolin and Jace Baker

aziz! pinball! by Main aziz_light_crew channel

aziz! pinball!

Main aziz_light_crew channel   |   2886 views   |   2019-01-17

なかよし おねえさんたち PV by やまこ屋

なかよし おねえさんたち PV

やまこ屋   |   107 views   |   2022-01-06

ハートフル百合まんが「なかよし おねえさんたち」紹介動画です。 いとおしい、君との暮らし。 都会の片隅2DKで身を寄せ合って暮らす、大きなおねえさん・マコさんと、フェミニンおねえさん・ナツコさん。 ふたりの道のりは、かんたんじゃなかった。だけど--- 原作・イラスト やまこ 声の出演 音村もも 動画制作 Pandora works pix...

Klasse Aktion 👌🏻💙 by ignazbearth

Klasse Aktion 👌🏻💙

ignazbearth   |   438 views   |   2021-02-28

Euch gefällt meine Arbeit? 🇨🇭 Bitte diesen Kanal abonnieren 🇨🇭 🇨🇭 Telegram: 🇨🇭 DLive 🇨🇭 GAB 🇨🇭 BitChute https...

(parody) SPIDERman AND Frozen ELSA! Swing! by yatoim animations

(parody) SPIDERman AND Frozen ELSA! Swing!

yatoim animations   |   105 views   |   2019-11-14

this is a video that's a little old- i made it a while ago when the whole spiderman and elsa thing was big. i wanted to upload it here because youtube's new rules may make me remove it from the platform. hope it doesn't get blacklisted lol.

Dog of Wisdom by Main joe channel

Dog of Wisdom

Main joe channel   |   334 views   |   2019-06-27


Friends by Art Timelapses


Art Timelapses   |   41 views   |   2018-06-25

Process video for "Friends" by drinkdecaf 8 hours Music: Halloween Pumpkin from, used with permission

Solar Powered Hamsa by Extra Content with tuco and scanlime

Solar Powered Hamsa

Extra Content with tuco and scanlime   |   110 views   |   2018-11-05

Very simple DIY project; I got this Hamsa wind spinner as a gift, and I wanted to help it spin in the sunlight indoors. I used a small gear motor, a large overkill solar panel, and thin flexible wire from a retractable USB cord. I drilled a hole i...

"Flight of Spring", Krita Digital painting Timelapse by David Revoy by Shichimi archival channel

"Flight of Spring", Krita Digital painting Timelapse by David Revoy

Shichimi archival channel   |   177 views   |   2019-03-11

An extra/bonus video for my supporters... and everyone! Support my work on Pepper&Carrot here: Follow my work: ★ My blog - ★ My webcomic: ★ Twi...

Lamy Safari - fountain pen review by For the Fediverse

Lamy Safari - fountain pen review

For the Fediverse   |   47 views   |   2021-02-11

"The LAMY safari is a timelessly modern pen for the young - and the young at heart - and is in a class of its own. It created a stir during its market launch at the beginning of the eighties with its avant-garde design and its prominent, spring-lo...

Showing you Funkwhale! by Old videos

Showing you Funkwhale!

Old videos   |   127 views   |   2018-08-10

Join Funkwhale: Open-audio: My "artimus musicus" playlist: Funkwhale is a decentralised federated music streamin...

《馬尼.班克》- 新竹光臨藝術節,光雕展演 [現場拍攝+原始音軌] by NiceChord 好和弦

《馬尼.班克》- 新竹光臨藝術節,光雕展演 [現場拍攝+原始音軌]

NiceChord 好和弦   |   115 views   |   2021-10-25

**《馬尼.班克》/ Money & Bank** 10.25.2021 @ 新竹第一信用合作社 / 新竹光臨藝術節 新竹市,臺灣 🇹🇼 **藝術家** / 當若科技藝術、二棲設計、谷汩文化、囂搞、虎虎、博鈞、龔爰、貳拾工作室、K4s 動態影像工作室、黃建璋、拉瓦 **音樂、音效** / 官大為(Wiwi Kuan)

Rima-Spalter - Tag der Abstimmung (Re-Upload) by Querdenken-615 (Darmstadt)

Rima-Spalter - Tag der Abstimmung (Re-Upload)

Querdenken-615 (Darmstadt)   |   323 views   |   2021-11-28

Nun ist er da: der Tag der Abstimmung. Was auch immer geschehen mag, heute bestimmen wir darüber, ob wir unser Recht auf Selbstbestimmung weiter leben, oder ob der Bund uns in Zukunft an die Kette nimmt. Wir werden es sehen, oder hören. ---------...

chillphin 1 by crundis

chillphin 1

crundis   |   118 views   |   2019-07-13

music ~ "Chill" by Kevin MacLeod "Theres only a chillphin few who do what we do ..." -Snoop Dogg

Afternoon Class (2014) by Cartoons!

Afternoon Class (2014)

Cartoons!   |   160 views   |   2018-10-13

This is my graduation film, 'Afternoon Class' The story is inspired by my experience that when I was trying to stop myself from falling asleep in afternoon class. - Film by Seoro Oh - 2015, 2D Digital animation - 3:50 min Award & Official ...

The Goat Musician (1954 Russian Animation) by Cartoons!

The Goat Musician (1954 Russian Animation)

Cartoons!   |   170 views   |   2018-10-11

RUSSIAN AND ENGLISH SUBTITLES AVAILABLE The Goat Musician (Russian: Козёл-музыкант) is a 1954 Soviet animated short directed by Boris Dyozhkin with screenplay by Sergey Mikhalkov. It was produced by Soyuzmultfilm. The short is a satire of co...

Wie Medien & Politik über Straftäter lügen by Querdenken-615 (Darmstadt)

Wie Medien & Politik über Straftäter lügen

Querdenken-615 (Darmstadt)   |   574 views   |   2021-08-04

Medien & Politik lügen systematisch !!! Wie erkennt man es? Was können wir tun? Und wie hilft uns Morgenurin dabei? Das alles und viel mehr !!! P.S: Wenn du feierst, was ich hier mache, dann wäre ich für deinen Support super dankbar, da ich alles...

most addicting phone game by yatoim animations

most addicting phone game

yatoim animations   |   77 views   |   2019-09-29

what if those phone game ads were true????

Les furtifs - Alain Damasio by Publications

Les furtifs - Alain Damasio

Publications   |   5666 views   |   2019-03-25

Alain Damasio présente son nouveau roman "Les furtifs". Parution le 18 avril 2019 aux Éditions La Volte.

Alike (2016) by 3D Animations

Alike (2016)

3D Animations   |   164 views   |   2019-01-15

"Alike" is an animated short film directed by Daniel Martínez Lara & Rafa Cano Méndez SYNOPSIS: In a busy life,Copi is a father who tries to teach the right way to his son,Paste. But... what is the correct path? --- En una vida aje...