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Nothing to Hide (VOSTFR) by Default chocobozzz channel

Nothing to Hide (VOSTFR)

Default chocobozzz channel   |   12083 views   |   2017-10-23

Glass Half by Default root channel

Glass Half

Default root channel   |   16994 views   |   2017-10-19

Two amateur art critics meet in a gallery and argue passionately about the pieces they see, causing chaos for everyone else, until finally they find a piece on which they can agree... CC-BY Blender Institute

The Internet's Own Boy by Default root channel

The Internet's Own Boy

Default root channel   |   3482 views   |   2017-10-17

The story of programming prodigy and information activist Aaron Swartz, who took his own life at the age of 26.

Big Buck Bunny by Default olivier channel

Big Buck Bunny

Default olivier channel   |   5868 views   |   2017-12-05

Big Buck Bunny (code-named Peach) is a 2008 short computer-animated comedy film by the Blender Institute, part of the Blender Foundation.

Linux is hard (a short film)   #WhyIUseLinux by Stefan does Linux

Linux is hard (a short film) #WhyIUseLinux

Stefan does Linux   |   319 views   |   2018-07-13

This is an overly dramatic short film that shows the struggles of a linux user how misses the multiple flaws he was once used to. Check out the guys who provided extra content: (THANK YOU!) The Geek Critique:

L'EFFONDREMENT [EP1] Le Supermarché by Les Parasites

L'EFFONDREMENT [EP1] Le Supermarché

Les Parasites   |   13973 views   |   2019-11-12

L’intégralité de la série est disponible sur CANAL+ : PROCHAIN ÉPISODE BIENTÔT sur YouTube / Les Parasites ! Abonne-toi, ne loupe pas L'EFFONDREMENT. J+2 : Dans un supermarché, en plein problème...

Sintel trailer by Default root channel

Sintel trailer

Default root channel   |   5737 views   |   2017-10-17

Trailer for the short animation film "Sintel", the Durian Open Movie project by the Blender Foundation.

В измене жены виноват муж! Секретики от Нетфликса by Main lavanda channel

В измене жены виноват муж! Секретики от Нетфликса

Main lavanda channel   |   351 views   |   2021-02-04

Сей шедевр - Озарк, 2017 Картина выпущена еще до активной фазы пропаганды фем говна и разрушения семей. Это больше этап захвата аудитории, когда выпускаются более-менее сносные сюжеты, чтобы притянуть человека к себе и сервису. А вот когда мышлен...

Pepper & Carrot (MOTION COMIC) Episode 6: The Potion Contest by Animated shorts

Pepper & Carrot (MOTION COMIC) Episode 6: The Potion Contest

Animated shorts   |   243 views   |   2018-03-25

Based on the web-comic by David Revoy - Read details - Download - Do you want...

Code Rush by Default itms channel

Code Rush

Default itms channel   |   63 views   |   2018-04-03

Code Rush (2000) - A David Winton documentary - CC BY-NC-SA 3.0 Code Rush follows the lives of a group of Netscape engineers in the Silicon Valley. It covers Netscape's last year as an independent company, from their announcement of the Mozilla...

Кринжатина от нетфликс_ СЕКРЕТ СЧАСТЛИВЫХ ОТНОШЕНИЙ! by Main lavanda channel

Кринжатина от нетфликс_ СЕКРЕТ СЧАСТЛИВЫХ ОТНОШЕНИЙ!

Main lavanda channel   |   318 views   |   2020-12-16

Ни для кого не секрет, что в нетфликс засилье пропаганды феминизма, матриархата и прочих подобных прекрасных вещей. Сериал "Бумажный Дом" это яркий пример. Смысла говорить про это нет, так как каждая картина - это сто процентный кал. Но, как по мн...

L'EFFONDREMENT [EP2] La Station Service by Les Parasites

L'EFFONDREMENT [EP2] La Station Service

Les Parasites   |   8823 views   |   2019-12-28

The entire series is available on CANAL + : NEXT EPISODE SOON on YouTube / Les Parasites ! Subscribe, don't miss THE COLLAPSE. D+5 : In the middle of a gas shortage, a family w...

Sie sagen es durch die Filme (1940-2020) Grandioser Zusammenschnitt by Gajomas

Sie sagen es durch die Filme (1940-2020) Grandioser Zusammenschnitt

Gajomas   |   488 views   |   2021-09-22

Filme: 1940 - Der große Diktator 1943 - Chicken Little 1976 - Network 1979 - Die Hamburger Krankheit 1982 - Blut und Ehre 1987 - Es war einmal das Leben 1988 - Sie leben 1989 - Erik der Wikinger 1991 - Die Simpsons 1991 - Ein Engel auf Erden 1995 ...

Morevna Episode 4.0.1 (Russian) by Animated shorts

Morevna Episode 4.0.1 (Russian)

Animated shorts   |   2942 views   |   2019-05-30

“Morevna” is an open-source anime series, based on traditional Russian fairy-tale and created with free software. License: Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 Help us to produce next episode - * Become a Patron at Patreon: https://ww...