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Batteuse hippotractée by Default jpdelf channel

Batteuse hippotractée

Default jpdelf channel   |   21 views   |   2018-08-26

A la fête du village d'Arlesbosc (07) : Fête de la reboule

La face cachée de l’expérimentation animale - Audrey Jougla by Pses

La face cachée de l’expérimentation animale - Audrey Jougla

Pses   |   7 views   |   2018-03-26

Jeune association radicale et abolitionniste, Animal Testing a pour vocation de mener des enquêtes sur l’expérimentation animale pour dénoncer cette pratique et sensibiliser le grand public à la réalité vécue par les animaux de laboratoire. Les ch...

Greatest Fights in the Animal World. by Main diawara5619 channel

Greatest Fights in the Animal World.

Main diawara5619 channel   |   3 views   |   2020-07-27

The little beast does not eat the big one ... Yes, that's what we say to children to reassure them. But when you look at nature, it's not quite what happens ...



Main arr.bat channel   |   0 views   |   2019-09-20

Vivez une aventure unique en son genre, Une extraordinaire plongée au milieu des crocodiles. Un passionné de crocodiles Roger Horrocks, se rend dans le delta de l'Okavango, en Afrique, pour plonger, de jour, puis de nuit, au milieu de spécimens e...

AMAZING OCEAN (Version Française) by Main arr.bat channel

AMAZING OCEAN (Version Française)

Main arr.bat channel   |   5 views   |   2019-09-12

Genre : Documentaire Année :2012 Résumé : Laissez-vous émerveiller par les bancs de poissons qui viennent vous dire bonjour dans votre fauteuil. Admirez de très très près les pieuvres et les poulpes quasi insaisissables. Restez bouche bée devan...

Me at the zoo by Main bly24 channel

Me at the zoo

Main bly24 channel   |   59 views   |   2019-03-02

Renée sneezing by Stiletto's Channel

Renée sneezing

Stiletto's Channel   |   3 views   |   2019-05-17

Renée appears to be sneezing and I've put her in quarantine. Video shared to identify symptoms and possible cause. [C0007]

Proofing "Relax" in the kitchen by Stiletto's Channel

Proofing "Relax" in the kitchen

Stiletto's Channel   |   3 views   |   2018-03-30

Beauceron learning a new cue: Relax. He was taught in the living room and because dogs don't generalise well, he must now practice doing it in different rooms and places; this is called "proofing". For "Relax", he is required to lie down on...

Travelator Training - Indra by Stiletto's Channel

Travelator Training - Indra

Stiletto's Channel   |   8 views   |   2018-03-30

Young Beauceron dog getting used to a travelator (moving walkway). This is first step, next will be getting him accustomed to an inclined walkway and finally an escalator. Further explanation and background in the video intro. [Taken in 2...

Two Hedgehog Visitors by Main dellboy channel

Two Hedgehog Visitors

Main dellboy channel   |   9 views   |   2020-07-12

20200711 Large hedgehog sent away by smaller one enjoying his delicious feast of ALDI cat food.

New Camera - New Visitor by Main dellboy channel

New Camera - New Visitor

Main dellboy channel   |   13 views   |   2020-07-10

20200709_2348 Hedgehog shows up in new camera test shot.

Catnip-in-a-Sock Cat Toy by Main dellboy channel

Catnip-in-a-Sock Cat Toy

Main dellboy channel   |   12 views   |   2020-05-23

Simple and effective device to calm down a stressed kitty.

Female Bee Fly (Bombyliidae) in Folkestone, Kent in April 2020 by Main dellboy channel

Female Bee Fly (Bombyliidae) in Folkestone, Kent in April 2020

Main dellboy channel   |   15 views   |   2020-05-23

A Bee Fly filmed by @RadicalHoneyBee in April 2020 ( "The adult females usually deposit eggs in the vicinity of possible hosts, quite often in the burrows of beetles or wasps/solitary bees." - Wikipedia (https:/...

Time Lapse Garden Wildlife 20190628 by Main dellboy channel

Time Lapse Garden Wildlife 20190628

Main dellboy channel   |   23 views   |   2019-06-30

I borrowed an infra red wildlife camera from a neighbour to see what went on in the garden over night and this happened. Frame interval is 30s. Note, the time stamps are wrong - add 3hr30min.

Foxes Playing by Main dellboy channel

Foxes Playing

Main dellboy channel   |   34 views   |   2019-06-15

A family of foxes in Folkestone

Kiki - Stealth Cat by Main dellboy channel

Kiki - Stealth Cat

Main dellboy channel   |   28 views   |   2019-05-26

While in pursuit of blackbirds Kiki decides to "hide" in a tree.

podcast grive merles marc pecheo3 by Main marcpecheo3 channel

podcast grive merles marc pecheo3

Main marcpecheo3 channel   |   5 views   |   2019-03-19

Dans ce podcast je te parle des grive et merle vie et meurs etc abonne toi a ma chaine marc pecheo3 sur peertube et YouTube.

A cat trying to open my sock drawer but there is a security by Main siegi channel

A cat trying to open my sock drawer but there is a security

Main siegi channel   |   48 views   |   2019-03-03

My cat always trying to open my sock drawer, before this video i must to dispose a heavy box in front of drawer to prevent all to prevent her from taking out all the socks, now there is a security at the right of drawer.

pajaros.ogv by Main ana channel


Main ana channel   |   7 views   |   2019-01-11

Al atardecer, los pajaros se van a dormir, pero antes, este espectáculo. At sunset, birds go to sleep, but first, this show