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Urimayai Meetpom (Kaala Strike Scene) by Fresh Newlook 2020

Urimayai Meetpom (Kaala Strike Scene)

Fresh Newlook 2020   |   2 views   |   2020-04-14

The strike scene from Pa. Ranjith's 2018 film Kaala, with English subtitles. Song: Urimayai Meetpom, music by Santhosh Narayanan and lyrics by Arivu.

Little Superstar by apathy_tv

Little Superstar

apathy_tv   |   1 views   |   2021-06-04

Mother: Hey, hey. What's with the party early morning? Get out everybody, shoo, shoo. [Speaking to Rajinikanth, who's lying on the cot] Why not take some rest, dear? Rajinikanth: OK Mom [lights up a beedi as she walks away]. King Kong: Dude,...