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மறுவுணர்வு by Open For All: Tamil


Open For All: Tamil   |   0 views   |   2021-05-28

#கதை #tamilstories

HAUNTER DEVIN's Untold Story Intro | Ghoul HAUNTs by Riotters Gaming

HAUNTER DEVIN's Untold Story Intro | Ghoul HAUNTs

Riotters Gaming   |   4 views   |   2021-06-05

HAUNTER x DEVIN : An Untold Story About Past where Ghoul Haunts......... TIMESTAMPS: 00:00 Disliked Person 00:13 My Busy World 00:29 I'm Waiting 00:31 Waiting ........ 00:41 Flashback (Appearance) 00:56 One Day will come 00:5...

Urimayai Meetpom (Kaala Strike Scene) by Fresh Newlook 2020

Urimayai Meetpom (Kaala Strike Scene)

Fresh Newlook 2020   |   2 views   |   2020-04-14

The strike scene from Pa. Ranjith's 2018 film Kaala, with English subtitles. Song: Urimayai Meetpom, music by Santhosh Narayanan and lyrics by Arivu.

Magic Lamp by Danwes Memes

Magic Lamp

Danwes Memes   |   0 views   |   2020-09-16

Modi and Tamilisai encounters a visit with Ambani from the Jio Magic Lamp.

IISER-Tirupati_India: Coli Kaze (2020) - Project Promotion Video [Tamil] by Project Promotion Videos

IISER-Tirupati_India: Coli Kaze (2020) - Project Promotion Video [Tamil]

Project Promotion Videos   |   6 views   |   2020-09-25

This is IISER Tirupati's iGEM 2020 team with project Coli Kaze. Our project aims for the in situ bioremediation of antibiotics to combat antimicrobial resistance. Our genetically engineered bacteria Coli Kaze would be used to degrade the antibioti...

தாள் வெட்டி - Thaal Vetti by kaNinthuruku

தாள் வெட்டி - Thaal Vetti

kaNinthuruku   |   0 views   |   2020-08-26

Here is the short demo[1] of the tool I am working. I thought of un-skewing image using opencv but some pages have V or inverted-V shaped gap between them. So I just went ahead with making this tool. UI part is almost done as you can see in the vi...

KCL_UK: Renervate Therapeutics (2021) - Project Promotion [Tamil] by Project Promotions

KCL_UK: Renervate Therapeutics (2021) - Project Promotion [Tamil]

Project Promotions   |   3 views   |   2021-07-27

**Title:** Renervate Therapeutics **Description:** We are Renervate Therapeutics, KCL iGEM 2021. We are a Phase II project building on the foundations of ‘Renervate’ where we designed and modelled a novel therapy for spinal cord injury. Our propo...

IISc-Bangalore: CellOPHane (2021) - Project Promotion [Tamil] by Project Promotions

IISc-Bangalore: CellOPHane (2021) - Project Promotion [Tamil]

Project Promotions   |   6 views   |   2021-07-27

**Title:** CellOPHane **Description:** Team iGEM IISc-Bangalore is working on Project CellOPHane, which seeks to create a functionalized bacterial cellulose filter to combat organophosphate pollution. Organophosphates are used as pesticides globa...

munbe vaa by Default lokesh_varman channel

munbe vaa

Default lokesh_varman channel   |   5 views   |   2018-08-13