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IISER-Tirupati_India: Coli Kaze (2020) - Project Promotion Video [Oriya] by Project Promotion Videos

IISER-Tirupati_India: Coli Kaze (2020) - Project Promotion Video [Oriya]

Project Promotion Videos   |   5 views   |   2020-09-25

This is IISER Tirupati's iGEM 2020 team with project Coli Kaze. Our project aims for the in situ bioremediation of antibiotics to combat antimicrobial resistance. Our genetically engineered bacteria Coli Kaze would be used to degrade the antibioti...

IISc-Bangalore: CellOPHane (2021) - Project Promotion [Oriya (macrolanguage)] by Project Promotions

IISc-Bangalore: CellOPHane (2021) - Project Promotion [Oriya (macrolanguage)]

Project Promotions   |   8 views   |   2021-07-27

**Title:** CellOPHane **Description:** Team iGEM IISc-Bangalore is working on Project CellOPHane, which seeks to create a functionalized bacterial cellulose filter to combat organophosphate pollution. Organophosphates are used as pesticides globa...