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IISc-Bengaluru: Halocleen! (2022) - Project Promotion [Kannada] by 2022 Project Promotions

IISc-Bengaluru: Halocleen! (2022) - Project Promotion [Kannada]

2022 Project Promotions   |   9 views   |   2022-09-02

**Title:** Halocleen! **Description:** Refrigerants are indispensable: they find use in daily appliances, transport, storage, and industries. Contrary to their role, halocarbons, the most common refrigerants, are one of the leading causes of Glob...

IISc-Bangalore: CellOPHane (2021) - Project Promotion [Kannada] by Project Promotions

IISc-Bangalore: CellOPHane (2021) - Project Promotion [Kannada]

Project Promotions   |   8 views   |   2021-07-27

**Title:** CellOPHane **Description:** Team iGEM IISc-Bangalore is working on Project CellOPHane, which seeks to create a functionalized bacterial cellulose filter to combat organophosphate pollution. Organophosphates are used as pesticides globa...