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Khoisan click language by Main clg.nicolas_conte channel

Khoisan click language

Main clg.nicolas_conte channel   |   0 views   |   2022-05-12

A San men from the Kalahari area of central Namibia, explains the uses they give to a grass, in their khoisan language characterized by the use of click consonants.

Earth // Around The World From The Air 4K by Main kicou channel

Earth // Around The World From The Air 4K

Main kicou channel   |   3 views   |   2022-05-23

Over 3 years, I took my drone on most of my travels to add aerial footage to my short films. With the current state of the world and my travels on hold for the foreseeable future, I turned to my archives to put together a short film of some of the...

Voyage scolaire sportif en Ardèche en 2022 by Main clg.victor_laprade channel

Voyage scolaire sportif en Ardèche en 2022

Main clg.victor_laprade channel   |   53 views   |   2022-06-22

Séjour sportif des élèves de 4eme du collège Victor de Laprade en Ardèche en juin 2022. Images filmées par drône. Images et Montage : Gerald Louison Musique 1 : "Le sanglier" de Dapoule Musique 2 : "Freed From Desire" de Gala Musique 3 : "On ...

Training for EGOI 2022 in Sweden by Swiss Olympiad in Informatics

Training for EGOI 2022 in Sweden

Swiss Olympiad in Informatics   |   19 views   |   2022-08-21

During their six days of training in Lund, Sweden, the EGOI Team made a training compilation as well as a new song to get hyped for EGOI 2022 in Antalya, Turkey this October. A blog written by the participants can be found here:

Airlines map-Flights.powerpoint by grandeariana

Airlines map-Flights.powerpoint

grandeariana   |   2 views   |   2022-09-07

It is always amazing to travel within a particular reasonable price but also required to acquire the most out of your air trip. This is where our airlines map flights can help you organize the whole process of your travel, finding the best deals, ...

Airlinesmap by AanyaChinda


AanyaChinda   |   1 views   |   2022-09-06

Get Airlines map informations, Reservations information, airlines complete information, Airlines real address & phone number. All information collect from various sources we cannot guarantee originality. For More Info - https://www.airlinesmap...

кат. "Invictus" by Путешствия друзей

кат. "Invictus"

Путешствия друзей   |   8 views   |   2022-09-13

Турция. Мармарис. Май 2015 года.

When People enter the Runway… by PixelStreet Video

When People enter the Runway…

PixelStreet Video   |   5 views   |   2022-09-14

Well, it's not what you'd expect! Okay, they're not actually doing anything illegal, but simply enjoying a nice, sunny evening at Tempelhof Field – a former airport in Berlin used as an urban park today. Shot with a DJI Mini 2 drone from 40m AGL.