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Doom but... by watchedbecauseyouwanted

Doom but...

watchedbecauseyouwanted   |   370 views   |   2022-01-24

Doom 3

School Attack in Brazil by The Brazilian Guy

School Attack in Brazil

The Brazilian Guy   |   2832 views   |   2022-03-31

(REPOST) A school attack happened in the city of Suzano - SΓ£o Paulo, Brazil.On March 13, 2019 where 10 people died (including the killers) whose names were Guilherme and Luiz who committed suicide shortly after the attack at the school.

Headshot by Exiz79


Exiz79   |   414 views   |   2022-02-05

Confident and grinning fighter takes an unexpected shot straight to the dome. bullet said β€œFOOK YA HELMET!”

German POW get executed by Exiz79

German POW get executed

Exiz79   |   138 views   |   2022-02-05

Some poor krauts get filled with bullets.

Shootings by Ripper


Ripper   |   1613 views   |   2022-02-08

a very shitty shooting by just gore

a very shitty shooting

just gore   |   589 views   |   2022-02-06

probably the shittiest shooting i have ever seen

Russian School Shooting but W/ Pumped up kicks over it by bestenjoyer

Russian School Shooting but W/ Pumped up kicks over it

bestenjoyer   |   1358 views   |   2022-04-16

Someone in a comment wanted this version i guess. So im giving people or just one person what they want because why not. Fun fact: he killed 20, injured 70 which is 90 victims overall.

russin school shooting by cupcake

russin school shooting

cupcake   |   985 views   |   2022-02-11

shooters name Vladislav Roslyakov amount dead 19 school Kerch Polytechnic College

Columbine high school shooting (pumped up kicks) by Destroyedknee20

Columbine high school shooting (pumped up kicks)

Destroyedknee20   |   425 views   |   2022-02-14


Gas Station Murder by GoreWhoreQueen

Gas Station Murder

GoreWhoreQueen   |   468 views   |   2022-02-14

Always have to pull a gun out...ridiculous.

columbine edit by cupcake

columbine edit

cupcake   |   675 views   |   2022-02-12

Shooting compilation (Welcome to the world vol. 1) by Thrax401SxnceDay1

Shooting compilation (Welcome to the world vol. 1)

Thrax401SxnceDay1   |   378 views   |   2022-02-14

This is the real world so c’mon and take a look This is my first compilation so don’t roast me 2 hard but hell yeah most of these were from @theync

Teen Shot While Recording by gorephishtore

Teen Shot While Recording

gorephishtore   |   1791 views   |   2022-02-26

A young boy was reportedly shot dead while shooting the video of a brawl in his village in UP's Sambhal district.

Average day in Kenya by REAL

Average day in Kenya

REAL   |   561 views   |   2022-03-07

lol funny africa trollllled literally all of africa no water xd #BLM