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CERN - effective digital security by jres2017

CERN - effective digital security

jres2017   |   2 views   |   2022-05-16

* Auteurs : Sebastian Lopienski, Stefan Lueders, Romain Wartel * Présentation longue * Résumé : Effective digital security is essential for protecting the operation and reputation of the European Organization for Particle Physics, CERN,...

Doctor Extracts 212 Living Larvae From Girl's Head by Kirellcz

Doctor Extracts 212 Living Larvae From Girl's Head

Kirellcz   |   1276 views   |   2022-05-07

Hey!Do you remember how I posted video named: Imagine having worms in your nose? Well here is video how they can get to your head and how they can kill you. Its not that much gore so its just information how it can happen. There is even how docto...

The Do-It-Yourselfer. by Le dernier troglodyte

The Do-It-Yourselfer.

Le dernier troglodyte   |   673 views   |   2022-02-20

Today's topic: _Vasectomy._